Lower Camden County Dog Training Club, Inc.
Obedience classes are open to any dog of any breed.  A dog does not need to be a purebred to be enrolled in training classes.  However, for the safety of the other handlers and dogs, those dogs which the instructor deem too dangerous or uncontrollable, will not be permitted to enroll.

Generally, dogs should be at least 4 months of age before starting obedience classes.  However, some dogs may be ready at a slightly earlier age.  If you have a dog that is younger than 4 months, which you desire to start in class, it is suggested that you discuss your dog's readiness with the club trainer.  Older dogs are trainable too!  Many dogs have started and successfully trained after the age of 8 years.

The club instructor does not train the dog.  The training is done by the handler (the person who brings the dog to class) following the direction of the club instructor.  It is very important that the same person handles the dog in class and at home during the 6-week basic course.  While young children have successfully handled and trained dogs, we prefer handlers to be at least 12 years of age.  Generally, after the dog has completed training and learned the commands, anyone may handle him and expect him to respond.

Class sizes are limited to approximately 6-8 dogs.  After classes are organized, your place cannot be filled.  Therefore, the club policy is not to refund any fees for missed or unattended classes. Consideration will be given in the event of extraordinary circumstances. A non refundable deposit is required upon registration.

Reminder: Due to class size limits, club members must register for classes. Contact the instructor prior to start date.

Classes Offered
Beginners Obedience  -
Contact Shirley Barkan
         Beginner Obedience 

For additional info contact Shirley 856-303-8516

Cost: $130 for 6 weeks for non-club members
Drop in fee is $25 per class

Advanced Obedience  -  
Monday evenings with Shirley Barkan
          Novice 7:30 to 8:30pm
          Open 8:30 to 9:30pm

For additional info contact Shirley at 856-303-8516

Cost: $130 for 6 weeks for non-club members
Drop in fee is $25 per class
        Rally Obedience
Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm with Patti Cassidy
         For additional info contact Patti at 856-335-5884

        Cost: $130 for 6 weeks for non-club members

        Drop in fee is $25 per class

Classes are FREE to Club Training Members.
You MUST contact the instructor if you are interested in taking a class.

Non-memeber Training Fees
- Six-week training sessions. Cost is as listed above.
- Missed class re-scheduling at instructor discression.
- Drop in fees are $25 for non-members also at the discression of the instructor
- You MUST notify the instructor before dropping into any class!

LCCDTC Membership details
- Yearly Club Membership of $25 individual / $35 family provides reduced training fees for support of club activities.
- Yearly Training Program fee of $240 is available for approved and qualified members.  Members must meet the minimum volunteer requirements to maintain training membership eligibility.

Note: All persons desiring to enter advanced training who have not completed a basic training course must complete a 6-week orientation period, which may be at any class level, basic, novice, open, or utility before they are eligible for yearly membership training fee.

Training Location
2512 A Egg Harbor Road, Lindenwold, NJ   08021

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