Lower Camden County Dog Training Club, Inc.

All questions must be answered to be considered for membership.
Application for club membership is open to individuals who have completed the club’s training period.
Applications are accepted at any time.  Upon receiving the application the current members will vote upon the application at the next general membership meeting.  This generally occurs on the first Wednesday of the month.
Upon election to membership the member will receive full membership after a probationary period of 6 months.  If the applicant is not elected to membership, a 6 month waiting period will begin and then the applicant may re-apply.
Club membership involves various responsibilities and privileges.  Club members are required to work a minimum of 3 club trials or matches and attend 2 meetings in a calendar year.  Training members are also required to clean the clubhouse at their pre-determined date & time.  Some of the privileges include training classes, free training time (not during scheduled class time or events), recognition of your dogs’ titles earned during your membership, and member dinner (cost of meal not included in membership).
Please use the back of this form for additional space.
HOME PHONE___________________________________
CELL PHONE____________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS____________________________________
BREED(S) OF DOGS__________________________________
Titles earned current dog(s) ______________________________
Titles earned in the past_________________________________
What level are you currently training________________________
Where have you trained in the past_________________________
Are you currently training at another facility?  Yes_____  No_____
Where ____________________________________________
Are you a member of any other dog related clubs?  Yes____  No_____
If you answered yes, please list all clubs that you currently belong to:
Have you ever been asked to resign your membership from a dog related club?     Yes_____     No______
If you answered yes, please give reason(s) why you were asked to resign.
Have you ever voluntarily resigned from any dog related club(s)?
Yes______            No_______
If you answered yes please give reason(s) why you resigned.
Individuals must have 2 current club members sponsor their application.
Club Sponsor 1
Name ___________________________________________
Signature _________________________________________
Club Sponsor 2
Name ___________________________________________
Signature _________________________________________
I _______________________ hereby declare that all the above information I have provided to the Lower Camden County Dog Training Club is true and that I understand and willfully agree to the privileges and duties that I will be undertaking as a club member.
Signature _____________________________   ________Date
*Acceptance of application is not a guarantee of being elected to membership in The Lower Camden County Dog Training Club.
Amount paid $__________________                       Check #___________________

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